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THE STUNNING RING, a beautiful self-defence ring with pepper spray, offers safety, elegance and confidence close to hand. THE STUNNING RING, elegently crafted in silver and gold plating with a genuine black onyx stone, is the perfect self defence ring for women or men. THE STUNNING RING self defence ring with replaceable pepper spray canister empowers a woman or man while jogging, dating, working or anywhere against attack, rape, voilence or crises. This ring can always be worn and makes the perfect gift for someone you love.


THE STUNNING RING, uses the strongest pepper spray formula available on the market today. The formula has the industry's highest heat rating of 2 million SHU (compered to a jalapeno pepper, which is 5000 SHU ), which severely affects the mucous membrances ( eyes and respiratory systems ). The ring has 2-3 one second burst and has an effective range of 12 inches

formula can be used to deter assailants causing no permanent injury. Pepper spray canisters are REPLACEABLE. .
"It is with great pleasure and an honor to offer my endorsement for the Stunning Ring. I have evaluated the ring and found it to be a tool that should be a part of everyone's self defense arsenal. The fact that it is worn like a ring makes it readily accessible and convenient. Unlike the key chain or pocket pepper sprays, the ring will be there when you need it. And because it looks like a piece of fine jewelry, a potential attacker would not even suspect that they were about to receive an effective shot of OC pepper spray. As a former police officer with over 20 years experience, I now teach Personal Protection at my school, Self Defense America in Seaside, CA. I can honestly recommend The Ring to any adult that is interested in adding some additional protection to their self defense tool bag. My students love it and it won't be long before they will all be wearing The Stunning Ring." Bob

Rs. 3200

ring is designed to be worn on either hand on the 1st (index) or 2nd finger preferably your dominant hand, with the thumb (or other hand if necessary) accessible to operate the safety latch and depress the trigger.

EFFECTS : In most cases, the attacker will lose control of his faculties immediately. The spray causes inflammation of the eye capillaries and all other mucous membranes, resulting in immediate temporary visual impairment, difficult breathing, coughing, choking, sneezing, severe burning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea, with acute symptoms and discomfort lasting for 45 minutes. There is no permanent damage.

1. To determine size : Wrap a piece of string or paper strip around the base of your index finger.
2. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle.
3. Measure the length of the section of string or paper where it overlaps around the finger.
4. Compare your measurement with the chart below to determine your ring size.


Ring Size Measured Size
6 2 1/16"
7 2 3/16"
8 2 5/16"
9 2 6/16"
10 2 8/16"
11 2 9/16"
12 2 10/16"
13 2 12/16"
14 2 14/16"


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