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Ideal protection for anyone concerned with personal safety

THE SCREECHER, An aerosol alarm emits an "ear piercing" shriek readily recognized as an emergency call for help. Can also startle and disorient an attacker. Convenient size for pocket or purse. 10 gram unit has push-top activator. Contains 20 short blasts.
You may be able to carry the Screecher in places other self defense items are prohibited. Be careful, can damage hearing if held too close to the ear. Use at arms length. .

Directions: Always hold in upright "Ready for Use" position.  Position nozzle opening toward attacker.  Press down on red cap to use.  Test by depressing quickly for short blast. .
  • Can summon help in emergency situations.
  • Can prevent mugging or personal harm
  • Convenient size for purse or pocket

Rs . 600/-








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