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  • I am thankful to my friends who inspired me to keep Pepper Spray with me for my self defence.
  • One day  I was driving alone in my town around 8.30 pm. At crossing I stopped my car Suddenly a guy came and tried to pull my mobile , the same time I picked  up my pepper spray and keeping it infront of me sprayed on him.
    It immediately worked and that person put his hands on his eyes and having full pain of chilliness on his whole body Mean while the green light came and I went away from that place.. I am thankful to rakshak pepper spray who saved me and my mobile. I want to advise all my friends to keep pepper spray always for their safety.
  • I am very happy to have Pepper spray which I bought from Rakshak, who saved my life.
  • Once I went to Delhi with cash payment of my company . When I was passed through Ghaziabad, some one tried to stop my car in need of help. They were 2 people,  one of them was lying on road and the other stopped my car for help.
    As I stopped my car and came outside the person who,  was lying on road suddenly stood up and demanded all cash and valuables in my pocket. I put my hand in my pocket in which I keep pepper spray and immediately opened its lock and spray on both of them. Within a second they felt helpless and I speed up my car and saved myself and cash. I am thankful to God and Rakshak who launches pepper spray which is very useful, handy and easy usable to everyone. ws would be uploaded in the site in the coming days
Safety Equipments in Meerut  

I understood the real use of product like Pepper Spray when a guy tried to snatch my gold chain and I escaped unhurt without anybody's help.........







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