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Pepper spray, oleoresin capsicum (OC), is a natural substance derived from the oily resins found in cayenne and other varieties of pepper. Contact with OC in a sprayed mist induces an immediate and intense burning sensation of the skin but especially impacts the eyes causing them to slam shut, burn, tear, swell. Also, the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and sinuses burn, swell and make breathing difficult. In fact, even though tear gas is fairly nasty, it does not have the same inflammation and swelling effects of OC. Plus OC will not degrade over time like tear gas. People under the influence of drugs or who are otherwise oblivious to pain may be able to keep their eyes open when sprayed with tear gas but not so with OC. When sprayed in the eyes, the eyes will involuntarily slam shut whether they feel pain or not. This temporary blindness causes fear and disorientation allowing you to escape and get help. OC Sprays formulation has best found to be effective *93 out of 100 times.

Discription : Pepper Shot is a 10% pepper spray - 2 million Scoville Heat Unit, ( 13.3% major capsaicin content ), non-flammable OC formula, designed specially for law enforcement officers to rapidly gain control of non-complaint subjects.

History / Background : This device was developed to help officers in the use of force and to provide reliable, less-lethal, effective means of incapacitation.

Status : Currently Available

Rs . 550/-


Rs . 550/-

Primary Users : Law Enforcement, Military, Correctional Personnel, Self Protection.




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